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John Peltier

Hi!  I’m John Peltier.

Why should you listen to me?

I’m here to help you worry less about your future.  Let me explain how I’ll do that.

I learned years ago how to position my skills and my interests in such a way that opportunities now come to me.  This happened both within the walls of a single employer, when I was asked to interview for a role I wanted, and also at a different employer when hiring managers and recruiters found me online.  If I were a freelancer, I’m convinced it would work there too.

Mid-career, I was recruited into product management while working for Kodak’s Health Group.  In product management, my goal is to find “urgent, pervasive problems which people are willing to pay to have solved.”(*)  I quickly realized that among the reasons I had worked toward a role in product management was that the job outlook was good–people would be willing to pay to solve the need for product management skills!  I was going to be the solution.

What’s your experience with personal branding?

I moved to Austin (where I knew no-one) and learned how to leverage it to instantly develop a professional network.  Before I moved there, I hadn’t done a very good job of building a network in person or offline, so this was an important discovery.  I built a network that I leveraged when I moved back to Atlanta.  One of the themes I’ll touch on in the blog is that it’s not about the social channels–it’s about relationships.  Social just provided a jumpstart to establishing them.

I’ve had numerous opportunities presented to me after my return, many of which can be attributed to my online presence.  My goal in starting this blog is to share techniques and insights learned in the last 4 years, and to help readers take steps at their current employer or elsewhere to reach their goals.  I’ll feel successful if one reader is able to worry less about his/her future.

Let’s get started!


* Thanks to Pragmatic Marketing for this phrasing.


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