Authenticity and Enthusiasm in Personal Branding


Your goal with creating a personal brand and reinforcing it online is to occupy a unique position in the mind of your prospective partners, clients or employers.  There are many components of a personal brand that we’ll explore in this blog, but one of the most important is authenticity.

Who are you?

Your personal brand isn’t personal if it’s not authentic!  You’ll define yourself by not only the subjects you focus on and those you are enthusiastic about, and in doing so, your personality creeps through.  The most memorable personal brands take advantage of this!

Does authenticity require enthusiasm?  A recent post on Thxblog paints an interesting distinction: “Are You @GaryVee or The Stealth Bomber?

The Stealth Bomber

You’re a bit of a lurker. You smartly poke around different environments and platforms making incremental gains in building up your sphere of influence and network…..You strike when the iron is hot, and do so decisively…..


What sets him apart is his ability to put himself virtually/completely out there for mass consumption in his personal branding. It’s an integral part of his business branding too.

@GaryVee is an interesting case study because he’s so vocal and raw in his presentation.  Most of us won’t ever reach that level of pure energy, but his is an important illustration of the importance of authenticity.  Gary wouldn’t be a leading voice today if not for the degree to which he puts himself into everything he does!

Gary’s formula is really two things: authenticity and enthusiasm.  Authenticity is telling the truth about his strengths and weaknesses and not hiding them.  Enthusiasm is his secret sauce: Not smoothing things over to look “more professional,” but rather, letting it all hang out.

Others take a quieter approach.  A person seeking work in the CIA wouldn’t likely invest in a highly visible online presence, but he might still show enthusiasm about his skills for those who do encounter him.  Your enthusiasm means those who encounter your brand will sense your love of what you do.  Visibility is simply a function of how easily found you wish to be.

What’s Gary’s Secret?

Both elements are vital to @GaryVee’s formula.  To paraphrase liberally: Find what you love ( no matter how small a niche) — put everything you’ve got into it — and will yourself to success.  Genuine passion attracts, and it is also the secret ingredient that will allow you to keep pushing when times get tough.  Here, Gary passionately explains why it’s important to focus on what you’re good at–an important message for all of us as we design our personal brand:

What are your thoughts?  What are the roles of Enthusiasm and Authenticity in personal branding?


TL;DR: Authenticity is the secret to success!


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